Schedule an exam

Before you can obtain a licence or certification, an exam is necessary to ensure you have sufficient knowledge. Your choice of exam will depend on the type on the licence, permit, or rating you are seeking.

Exams are available by appointment only at a Transport Canada service centre, or by an authorized examination invigilator.

Fees range from $35.00 to $125.94 and are non-refundable.


Each exam has specific eligibility criteria that must be met before the exam may be taken, such as:

  • Minimum age
  • Medical category certificate level
  • Minimum number of flight hours
  • Letters of recommendation or approval from flight training units or Transport Canada inspectors
  • Foreign licence equivalencies

What you need before you start

It will take between 3 minutes and 6 minutes to schedule an exam. To begin, you will need the following information:

  • confirmation that you've completed all the necessary prerequisites for the exam before attending your appointment
  • your pilot licence or file number
    • if you do not have a pilot licence or file number (this number begins with "5802-"), please contact us
  • a Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® credit cards, Apple Pay® or Google Pay®
    • Prepaid Visa® or Mastercard® credits cards may be used; however, Visa® or Mastercard® debit cards may not be used at this time.

Choose your exam

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